Clintage Healthcare LLP

At Clintage, our purpose is to improve health of people all across the country and Asia and make the novel treatments reach patients faster. In India we want to give a platform that caters the various needs of Pharmaceutical companies.

Clinical Trial Services
Marketing Service

We at Clintage Healthcare also provide our clients with marketing drugs
The company specialises in getting the right message to the right audience in the most compelling way and developing marketing materials that resonate with audiences across the healthcare spectrum.
We have partnered with few people who have marketing experience of more than 10 years and in addition to that we have our network of highly trusted Medical Representatives.

Pharmaceutical Consultancy Service

We have collaborated with a Pharmaceutical consultant who has more than 10 years of experience with cGMP Audit and cGMP training.
We can help Pharmaceutical companies with internal audits and development of GMP Compliance, Quality Management System, Validation & Qualification, APQR Preparation and Review.